I finally did it. After many delays and much anxiety, I published Caught Somewhere In Time on I did it without any fanfare or mention online a little over a week ago. To date, I believe every copy sold has been to a friend or family member, which is fine for now. At some point, I will advertise it or something. For right now though, it is enough for me to be proud of myself for crossing another item off my bucket list.

My bucket list was never very long. For the most part, I consider myself a pretty low-key person. Sure I make goals like everyone else, but mine are usually short-term or at the very least not overly lofty. I started my list when I was young, before I knew what a bucket list even was. Some kids want to grow up and be doctors or astronauts, but my career took a backseat in those days. When I grew up, I wanted to be a Dad. And so my list began, and that was the first item checked off it as well.

Later, years after high school was finished, I told myself that someday I wanted to go to college. I did that eventually too, and checked that off my list as well. Now I have published a novel, and got another checkmark for my effort. There is only a few things left on my bucket list now. The one I look forward to most rcurrently is watching the sun rise and set over the ocean in the same day. I think that one is especially appealing right now because it implies a vacation.

So now I can actually call myself an author, where before I was merely a writer. If you found this blog from the copyright page of my novel, then I thank you for reading it and hope you enjoy(ed) it. If you found your way here another way, I would encourage you to buy a copy… and not just because I want to get paid for my work. That was never the reason for writing it. I just want you to enjoy it, and share it so others can enjoy it as well. I like joy. Joy is good.

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