Still Writing

I have been staying busy, working at my new job and trying to find both the time and inspiration to write. There has been some difficulty recently in my personal life, family stuff and money. Did I mention my new job? Maybe I complain too much or make excuses for why I don’t put finger to keyboard more often. That’s just dumb. To hell with that. I’m still writing.

I’ve been working on a new idea recently, something not quite as sci-fi as I usually find myself writing. It’s been rattling around in the back of my imagination for a while, and really started to take shape a few weeks ago. I initially got the inspiration while watching a documentary-style television program. As I watched it, I found myself thinking, “what if this happened instead? What if that meant something different than the way it was interpreted for the show?”

The plot ideas congealed into an ugly sort of story. I started it twice and tossed it aside, but the third time really does appear to be the charm. I changed the location, the perspective, and even the writing style a bit, focusing in on just the core part of the concept. So now I have a tragic love story to hammer out.

I also started another sci-fi piece aimed more at a younger audience. This one is based on a joke I made to one of my teenagers before they were teenagers. Of course they didn’t laugh, due to the fact that it wasn’t funny, but it got me to thinking. Also, my kids call me “Science-Dad” sometimes, and this is just an extension of that name. I hope to put some basic physics lessons into the minds of tweens without them realizing it.

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