Nope, Scratch That

I am shutting down the book’s website. After considering it for a long time, I think it would be silly to maintain a website for a novel, one novel out of all the ones still in my head. That left me with two options: First, I could maintain separate websites for any and all novels I write (to be fair), but then when would I write with all the web stuff happening? Never mind the day-job, family, pets, other hobbies, and etc… Second, I could just shut it down, publish the damn thing like I want to, and post an extended excerpt of it here.

The first ten chapters (Part 1 in its entirety) of Caught Somewhere In Time is now posted here on this website. In this form, it’s an open-ended novella that will hopefully attract people to buy the whole thing once I get it formatted right. The book’s website, where I actually wrote the novel as a serial, is gone,..ish. I won’t be renewing the URL, so if you want to buy it, have at it. Maybe I’ll get famous and someone will want to make a movie out of it, then you could get some money from squatting on the URL. Or not. I guess your incentive to invest will depend on how good you think the book is.

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