The Center of Eternity

Unfortunately, “The Center of Eternity” has been put on hold indefinitely and its associated web page will be shut down in a few months as a result. There are multiple reasons for stopping for now: First, and foremost, I was unhappy with the direction the story had taken. I hoped it would remain on par with the first novel in the series, but the more I wrote it, the less it followed the same formula. While following a formula is not always the best process for writing, it seems to me that sequels should complement their predecessors in style and content.

Another reason for the stoppage is that unforeseen circumstances in my life made it increasingly difficult to continue writing as much as I would like. Also, with the first book in the series not even being fully available yet, new readers had cause to struggle understanding some references from one not yet revealed in the other. Lastly, with “Caught Somewhere in Time” being my first full novel, I think I should perhaps write something else before jumping into a full series. There are a few other ideas that I have tossed around, and they excite me a bit more than this particular project at this time. If I am able to overcome the recent circumstance quickly, thus giving myself more writing time, concentrating on something more exciting to me should yield better results than this story gave.

To be clear, this story is not gone forever, only delayed for a while. If this decision is not what you hoped for, please feel free to tell me so in comments here or one of my social networking websites listed below.

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