I like to blog, but always seem to struggle with what to blog about. Writing my books is different in that I know where I want them to go and what they should say. There is a plan, a point. That is where blogging loses me a little. I can sit here and type about whatever happens to be going on, or what I’m thinking about, but that jut seems terribly mundane to me. I’m an author and I intend for my stories to be interesting. Unfortunately, my own experiences and goings-on suffer from a lack of excitement, as if it is all saved from my own life to be unleashed later in writing. Now, for example, I am writing this while assisting my son with his own writing homework. A book report, as you can imagine, is far from interesting on its own. Add to this that it is not even a book have read and that it is even below my son’s reading level, and you get the idea of exactly how incredibly unblogworthy my current situation is. Here I am anyway, pounding it into the keyboard anyway. Wonder what this says about me as a person?

So blogging is a chore for me currently. Not a chore in the sense that I feel I have to do it against my wishes. Don’t get me wrong. It is a chore in the sense that it difficult for me to come up with things to say. Call it selective writer’s block if you will.

So now we move on to what I’m actually thinking about. As it turns out, I am thinking that I need to go cover to cover on Caught Somewhere In Time again and edit it with a more acute eye. I have also thought about scrapping my initial design for my front cover. It is in the nature of every creative person to never be quite happy with the final product of any of their creations. This venture is no different for me. I want to be finished working on it, but somehow cannot let it go without making a few more tweaks here and there. I gave myself a deadline for exactly this reason, so I would not continue working it to death.

I also have been thinking about a vacation recently. In a perfect world, this would consist of my wife and I in a grass hut over the water somewhere warm. In this world it will most likely have my children along on only a day trip to the ocean in the rain. That’s how we roll. I cannot really allow myself to step out of work, home, and writing for long enough to take a real vacation right now anyway. School is still in session for the kids, I am needed at my day job due to someone else’s absence, and there is that deadline I set for myself.

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