Coming Along

Everything seems to be coming along nicely with my edits to Caught Somewhere in Time. In the previous incarnation of the story, I had it broken down to follow one character through a few chapters, and then switching to follow a different character for a few chapters. I have decided in my edit to combine, split, and/or rearrange some chapters so that it follows the timeline of the overall story, rather than the timelines of each character. As a result of these changes, some pieces of the overall story have become less confusing and, I think, more exciting. The idea behind making these sorts of changes was to reduce the amount of plot convolution, while simultaneously increasing the build-up toward the stories climax. I have also added a few bits and pieces to delve deeper into the relationships between the characters, something I think was lacking in the original draft that was posted online. If you’ve never read the original draft from last year, then none of this will matter to you.

I have also finally started writing the sequel to my first story. It is called The Center of Eternity, and picks up where Caught Somewhere in Time left off. I have gotten through the first draft of the prologue, and will begin posting it online on June 1st, the same day Caught Somewhere in Time goes live again. I am really excited to delve into this story, which will follow Adam and Audrey further along their journey together. Some characters will continue to have roles in this story, while others have played their parts already and no longer will have as much impact of unfolding events as they did in the first book. There are also some additions to the main plot, and people who played smaller roles previously who will have a bigger impact on coming events. I don’t want to say too much now, but couldn’t hold back everything…

I have been tossing around ideas for a few more flash fiction stories, and will post them once I have them finished. I will also try to start updating this blog more frequently as things get underway with my two biggest fictional contributions so far. June 1st is coming…

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